DustyWelcome to My Generation Weddings, an officiant service offering non-denominational, mixed-faith, spiritual, and secular ceremonies in traditional or modern styles. Whether you’re looking to get married, consecrate a domestic partnership, or simply share your commitment with the world, we’d like to help you make it happen.

About Dusty. Born and raised in Oregon, Dusty Hoesly grew up with the outdoors as his backyard. In addition to a reverence for nature, he learned about the importance of love, community, and commitment from his family, who operated a home health care company. Having worked with various populations as a teacher, Dusty can make people of every generation feel welcome and comfortable.

Having attended dozens of weddings as a guest or participant, Dusty began officiating at weddings when two friends asked him to marry them in 2008. More friends and relatives soon followed with the same request. After positive responses and much prompting, Dusty decided to take this show on the road.

Currently, he is a Ph.D. student in the Religious Studies department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dusty’s background as a student and scholar of different religious traditions has given him a sensitive and nuanced understanding of the various ways that people choose to celebrate life’s most special moments. Dusty has a deep appreciation for non-traditional, spiritual, and secular ways of consecrating extraordinary occasions, as well as for non-denominational and mixed-faith ceremonies.

Dusty is based in Santa Barbara, CA and licensed through the Universal Life Church.

Dusty Hoesly - My Generation Weddings