I perform non-denominational, mixed-faith, spiritual, or secular weddings and domestic partnership or commitment ceremonies, in traditional or modern styles. I will fit your needs.

Prior to your wedding, I would like to meet with you both in order to get to know you and plan the language and structure for your ceremony. For example, we will discuss what kind of wedding celebration you would like to have, what wording fits your needs during the ceremony, and whether you will include readings, music, etc., in your ceremony. Based on this discussion, I will draft a wedding ceremony that is customized and personalized for you, reflecting the language and ideas that you want included. I also have basic structures and wordings I can use, if you prefer. I am also happy to coordinate details via phone and email—whatever works best for you.

The important thing is that you, the couple, get exactly what you want on your wedding day.

We can rehearse your wedding with your wedding party (if any) either the day before your wedding or on the day of your wedding, an hour or two prior to the ceremony. The rehearsal includes placing where the couple and members of the wedding party will be during the ceremony, running through the order of the ceremony, and explaining what will be said, read, or played during the ceremony from beginning to end. I charge $100 for a rehearsal.

Before the date of your wedding, you will need to pick up a marriage license and pay the license fee. You will both need to appear at the county clerk’s office in order to obtain a marriage license. After the ceremony, I will have witnesses sign the license and then I will mail it to the county clerk or deliver it in person to the clerk’s office.

I perform weddings in all locations, indoors and outdoors. For weddings outside Santa Barbara/Goleta, I charge a $100 travel fee.

Base Price for Standard Romantic Ceremony: $300
Base Price for Personalized Wedding Ceremony: $500

Dusty Hoesly - My Generation Weddings